New Generation Payments Technology Sustainable & Secure Solutions Let us help you with A COMPLETE DIGITAL JOURNEY The Mobile 1st & Self-Service Opportunity

Future Proof Now

Restore passenger and staff confidence with contactless solutions post Covid 19/ SARS by embracing Swiipr’s mobile and web technology solutions for issuing; Welfare for disruption, compensation, crisis, staff, operational expenses and more! Automate and streamline operations. Reduce paper and plastic consumption. Reduce human touch points and go contactless

Swiipr Solutions

Swiipr App

Contactless and Self-Service

A mobile app that allows your end users to enjoy a direct to phone, socially distanced, queue-less, self-service experience. Enable staff and passengers to use compensation or operational expenses almost instantly at any retailers you choose, anytime, anywhere on the planet via contactless! Can be white-labelled into your own app. 

Swiipr X

POWERFUL & AGILE Intelligence

An intelligent platform that powers your pay out needs; anytime, anywhere and from any device. Be it at the airport; in-resort, on-the-go or from head office, all your staff has to do is login into Swiipr X to issue funds at the click of a button; be it to physical or virtual cards that are instantly usable or by bank transfer or e-vouchers.   

Swiipr Dash

Revolutionise your back office

Say goodbye to invoice processing, messy reconciliations and fraud. Access reconciled and automated data which proves issuance to any regulatory body and transparency on transactions.  Tailored and detailed data insights; know your customer and offer ancillary revenue streams, partnerships and up-selling. 

Swiipr Effect

Digital Transformation

The digital journey of self-service and automation are now essential to adapt to customer expectations and operational needs. The Swiipr Effect reduces chaos by automating financial, customer service and manual input time and operations, allowing you to better serve, retain and benefit your customers, staff and business. 

The Passenger Use Case

Swift and contactless!

It’s a Mobile First world. Enabling staff and passengers to receive disbursements without queuing or claims processing reduces human touch points, empowers self-service and creates operational efficiencies and ancillary revenue streams. With 100% retail acceptance through MasterCard globally its a win-win for customers, staff and retailers. 

Our Mission

"Its the Journey that Matters"

We believe in solving real problems. Digital revolutions that have maximum impact and are a win-win for all.  Self-service solutions that decrease human touch points and build trust and accountability between regulators, operators and their customers.  Products that work for the most digitally saavy and also cater for those who are not. Streamlining operations and engaging customers to increase loyalty and revenue while delivering a more cost effective, safer and happier experience for all stakeholders.

About Us

Mobile, travel and payments specialists

450 years of combined experience in payments, travel, technology, regulation, banking, compliance, accounting, customer services and disruptive technologies including QR codes, mobile payments, tokenisation, digital banking and data mining. A long history of innovative and successful technology and financial services products, platforms and businesses; the world’s first digital card which replaced LRV paper vouchers; the world’s first airline specific payment platform to issue pay-outs, loyalty, membership, and refund platforms used by major blue-chip airlines. 

A Full 360 Service with Mobile First

Our raft of new Swiipr products is designed for 2020 with a Mobile 1st approach, helping operators manage the challenging requirements post SARS/Covid-19 to ensure automation, self-service and business resilience. Swiipr is committed to holistic, inclusive solutions that ensure passenger and user choice. 

The Swiipr Effect



Contactless & Covid/SARS safe

Queue-less & stress free


Real time updates & balance checks

Retail Incentives & Offers
Sustainable & waste reducing
Enhanced experience

Instant resolution at Point of Problem 









Reduce queues 
Reduce claims processing costs

Resolve at Point of Problem

Reduce reconciliation & fraud

Improve loyalty & engagement 

Enhance brand & social media image

Rich customer and operational data
 Upsell & incentivize

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    “It is good to have an end to journey toward;
    but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
    Ernest Hemingway